Removing Your Tattoo From Home Using a Tattoo Removal Cream

The emergence of creams for removing tattoo has also led to a number of tattoo removal cream reviews. People have sought this method because it is inexpensive and has much lesser risks compared to other methods of tattoo removal. The popularity of having a tattoo has also led to many people finding a solution to remove the permanent ink totally. Seeking the reviews is the best way to discover which the are the best tattoo removal products.

Mechanism of Action for Removing Tattoo

Most tattoo removal products claim that they work effectively in making tattoo totally invisible. But, how does it work? Tattoo removal creams work on the topmost surface of the skin called epidermis. It helps remove this layer to make the tattoo less visible. Most creams for tattoo removal have an ingredient called Trichloroacetic Acid. This is generally safe since it was used before to treat other skin conditions and only recently was it discovered to be used for removing tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews: Inspecting the Different Brands

Many cream to fade tattoo products claim they are the best in removing tattoos totally. Here’s a gathering of all the tattoo removal cream reviews on these five products:

  • Profade – consists of three different creams. First cream is applied to enhance the skin’s absorption of the next two creams. Second Profade cream starts activating the removal process. It breaks down the ink within the dermis layer of the skin. Third Profade cream enhances the invisibility of the tattoo. According to its manufacturer, they claim to eliminate tattoos in nine months.
  • Dermasal – this product line is also similar to Profade; however, it uses three different solutions: protective gel, soothing agent, and topical solution. All three solutions work on the tattoo in a span of three months. Color, type of ink, coverage, and tattoo age does not affect its capability to remove tattoos according to its manufacturer. This works on all skin types but should not be applied on pubic and facial area.
  • Tattoo Off – this consists only of one solution designed to remove permanent cosmetics and tattoos. It contains aloe leaf juice, orange peel, sage leaf, rosemary leaf, and eucalyptus globules.
  • Wrecking Balm – this product uses a handheld device and a chemical solution. The medical device lessens the visibility of the tattoo by removing the epidermis. The chemical solution, when applied, breaks the ink at the cellular point. Overall, this product line aids in regenerating the skin’s natural layer without harming the structure while pushing the ink on the surface for exfoliation. The solution is expected to lessen the visibility of the tattoo thoroughly in two months.
  • Fade Away – used for eliminating small tattoos. The product line includes a scrub, skin cleaner, and cream. According to its manufacturer, using all three products will remove the tattoo without the pain or scarring. The cream fades away the tattoo, as it is absorbed quickly by the skin. Fade Away contains avocado oil, almond extract, ascorbic acid, bearberry, and jojoba seed oil.


Safety on Using Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews

There are various opinions and feedback coming from consumers who purchased creams. The Food and Drug Administration has received 150 reports of adverse effects on the use of removal creams. Most consumers affected were women and allergic reactions were commonly noted. Be mindful on using creams that fade away tattoos since some complications were noted by the FDA. The most notable is the use of some manufacturers of hydroquinone. This is known to remove the top surface of the skin by slow peeling. In order to protect the general public from products that are not safe for human consumption, FDA has marked tattoo creams and balms with GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Choosing Tattoo Removal Creams

People who want to remove their tattoos choose cheap creams since it is convenient and less expensive. Laser tattoo removal usually entails several sessions for complete treatment compared to tattoo creams. Most tattoo removal cream reviews recommend using these products according to their indication. This will totally ensure that your safety is secured in using tattoo removal creams. Selecting the best cream not only relies on the efficacy but also safety.

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